November 2019 – Itinerary

Day Zero – Monday November 11th

Arrival in beautiful Phuket and our home at Coco Ville Resort

Day One – Tuesday November 12th

8am – Mini Buddha Run

1pm – Beach Session & Breathing Protocals

4pm – Group Session @Rattachai Muay Thai

Day Two – Wednesday November 13th

6am – Training Session @Titan

10am – Training Session @Phuket Stairs

3pm – Training Session @Rattachai Muay Thai

Post Session – Ice Baths & Sauna

Day Three – Thursday November 14th

6am – Training Session @Titan Fitness

11am – One on One Training Session @Rattachai Muay Thai

4pm – Yoga

Post Dinner – Recovery

Day Four – Friday November 15th

Sunrise – Training Session @Rattachai Beach Session

10am – Training Session @Buddha Heat Session

3pm – Training Session @Titan Strength

6pm – Dinner Out @TBD

Day Five – Saturday November 16th

7am – Training Session @ Rattachai Muay Thai

11am – Training Session @Titan Endurance

4pm – Ica Baths & Saunas

6pm – Dinner & Fight Night Experience

Day Six – Sunday November 17th

730am – Sun Rise Beach Session @Suprise

11am – Training Session @Rattachai Muay Thai

Sunset – Training Session @Big Buddha Pack March

Day Seven – Monday November 18th

6am – Training Session @Titan Assault WODS

8am – Team Building & Recovery Session @Surprise

Day Eight – Wednesday November 19th


Own this day. You are a team. You work for the person to the left and the person to the right. All egos are left behind!

Day Nine – Tuesday November 20th

AM – Rattachai Muay Thai – One on Ones

Breakfast, Testimonials, Goal Setting 2, Reflection.

Late Morning, Pamper.

PM – Fly out.